2010, here I come!

>> 12.31.2009

I'm not a huge fan of resolutions- I find that just because we start writing 2010 instead of 2009 is no special reason to try and better ourselves.  But, I do like that its a perfect excuse to sit back and think about everything that happened in 2009.

My 2009 in bullets:
- Started to take "real" photographs after I got my new camera for Christmas
- Took a co-op job at Energy Plus, soon to be my full-time after graduation job
- Learned the difference between friends and friendly people
- Cried over not-so-nice boy(s)
- Admitted that going to talk to a therapist could be good, even if it was sporatically
- Lost Grandpa Bud, and questioned the meaning of life and death, family, faith
- Re-started blogging
- Hello, Twitter!
- Learned to not enjoy GM
- Stressed myself to sickness
- Learned how to take a deep breath and ::relax::
- Started dating a new boy, and opened up a whole new realm of the word "relationship"
- Gambled in AC
- Traveled to Whitecastle and enjoyed my first burger
- Built trusting friendships out of strong dislike
- Turned 21
- Grew up
- Developed a really strong OCD
- Helped my older brother with his start-up company

And I am sure there is so much more.  I dedicate 2009 to be the year of learning and personal growth.  I feel older (by more than just 1 year), more thoughtful, more emotionally intelligent.  I've learned how important it is   to take care of myself, because no one else out there can do it for me.  I've learned to love my family in a new light- and value the time I have with those older.  I've learned to be myself, and stand proud and confident in doing so.  I'm inspired, empowered, and moved to do great things going into 2010 knowing how much I've gained in 2009.  So, here are just a few of my resolutions:

1. Get back on Weight Watchers (it worked the first time around, now its take 2)
2. Run a 1/2 marathon, or if I'm really feeling it a full one
3. Find the perfect apartment
4. Keep myself on a budget and maybe actually save
5. Move from quantity to quality, at least when it comes to shoes
6. Treat myself on a real vacation
7. Be a better friend to all
8. Get better at letting go
9. Graduate from Drexel and throw a BANGIN dinner party
10. Floss (that one is for my dentist)
11. Keep blogging
12. Frame some of said photos taken in 2009
13. Catch up on sleep lost in 2009
14. Continue to donate every time someone asks "Would you care to donate a $1 to XXX?"
15. Give back to my high school business department
16. Read more books
17. Keep learning, loving, and growing

I hope that I can learn as much from 2010 as I have from 2009.  I've got a lot to work on.  Happy New Year to you all, and I wish you just as much life, love and happiness in 2010.



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