"No one can make you feel inferior besides yourself"- Eleanor Roosevelt

>> 12.16.2009

Ever since we were little, we’ve watched numerous films about Princesses and Princes.  We are nurtured to learn that when we’re in distress, a man will appear and fix it all for us.   It wasn’t until I was a healthy, young 20 years old that I realized Disney forgot to tell us that’s a load of crap.  Where are the movies about Princesses going out and doing their own thing? Granted, Little Mermaid had a bit of that when she wanted to walk, and Beauty when she wanted to take care of the Beast.  But where is the movie about how we don’t need men, they are just an accessory to life? After what felt like my millionth break-up, I was having a great conversation with a friend about why this keeps happening, how to keep trucking forward, etc.  I came up with a great analogy. Take sprinkles and ice cream.   Sprinkles = men (or women, I don’t hate) and ice cream = life.  Some people just don’t like ice cream.  I feel bad for them, I really do, but there isn’t much I can do about it. Now, some people love ice cream, but like it just by itself.  Okay, I get it I guess, but sometimes I feel like you don’t know what you’re missing til you try it.  There are also some people who will only eat ice cream with sprinkles, and when there aren’t any sprinkles, the ice cream tastes like shit. Or cotton candy. And then, there are those who love ice cream, and have sprinkles when it’s a special occasion.  For me, I know I HAVE to get sprinkles when I go to Abbott’s Frozen Custard back home (Vanilla with Rainbow all the way).  But, you will also find me loving a pint of Ben & Jerry’s sans sprinkles.   I like to think that I save myself for the rainbow sprinkles, and only the rainbow sprinkles (none of that Chocolate crap).
                So what happens when the ice cream melts? Do the sprinkles taste the same? Is it just as enjoyable? Or what happens when the sprinkles start to fall off? Do you panic to try and lick them all up before they fall to the ground, or do you just shrug and enjoy the ice cream?   Now, I don’t think there is any sort of correlation between how you enjoy your ice cream and how you handle relationships and men, but it helped me sort through the importance and role men played in my life.  Sure, everyone is different and I am sure that some people really do only eat their ice cream with sprinkles.  But next time you’re evaluating, think about whether or not you NEED it.  To me, my life is great without a man.  But, given the right one and the right occasion, I will certainly say “yes, please!”  And ladies, if your sprinkles are ruining your ice cream, please oh please just say NO THANKS!  The ice cream will taste just great on its own- I promise.


Liz December 17, 2009 at 5:00 PM  

I don't need any sprinkles!

Alicia,  December 31, 2009 at 3:41 PM  

Have you seen the Princess and the Frog? If not, you should.

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