I don't want to grow up

>> 12.17.2009

Today is Christmas Pagent day for my little cousins. To go along with the theme, I proudly put on my "I <3 [Santa's Face]" shirt (kind of like I <3 NY, but Santa). Yes, I am a bit old to be wearing a Santa shirt, but how could I resist? People like to tell me I have a balance between a 3 year old, and a 40 year old.  Not sure if those are compliments or not, but putting this shirt on today made me realize how much I love being a grown-up kid. When is the last time you wore a Santa shirt, or put a blinking red ball on your nose and pretend that you were flying like a reindeer?  Maybe it doesn't need to go to that extreme (caution: flying IS very dangerous, especially off a couch) but I think we all could gain from being a little bit more kid like.

Laugh 'til you pee your pants, have a tea party, go play on the playground, put on big hats just because. Just try not to cry like little kids do- that part is annoying.


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