Oh hey, sunshine

>> 1.27.2010

Well, in many ways I got what wanted and needed recently.  I'll admit, the last post was a bit emo (not at all my style) and definitely not uplifting.  But hey, I guess we all have bad days once in a while.

Something I'm learning is the importance of letting yourself feel a certain way for a day.  If I am ecstatically happy, I should enjoy it! If I'm pissed and think the world sucks entirely, I'm learning to let myself feel that way.  For a day. Granted if I am happy for more than a day, that's okay.  But the sad/emo/upset/angry/frustrated mood has a limited lifespan.  The other day, I had a lot of emotions going on.  It was scary.  Sometimes I don't really enjoy my emotions.  I think they are icky and should consist of happy, joyful and carefree only.  BUT that is incredibly unrealistic unfortunately. So, I was on a downward slippery slope to a life long partnership with misery, and then I realized something!

I was the only one who could stop myself.  I was the only one who could figure out how to make it better.  I was the only one who could get back to the happy, energetic, carefree, optimistic Abby people know and love.  And then I was stuck.  How was I going to do this?  Then I thought about what made me feel great.  And that's being kind to others, even if they aren't the best people in the world to me.  I love helping others, making them feel good about themselves, offering a hand, etc.  And that's when things turned around. Hello Operation Gratitude.  I'd tell you exactly what it is, but if you're a recipient of it I can't tell you.  I think you might be able to piece it together based on what's in the name and this post, but I will absolutely let you know how it went once it's over!

The sun is out today, I'm ready to move forward, and am staying happy. Or at least trying to.

Thanks blog friends for reading.  It's been awesome to be able to write to you, and I sincerely hope you've enjoyed what I have to say.  If you don't let me know!!



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