Come fly with me, come fly, lets fly away

>> 2.14.2010

Something I love to do is blog when I’m not actually connected to the internet.  Two of my first posts way back when were written while I was on the train to DC.  Right now I am a bajillion miles above the somewhere on the east coast heading to our first destination, Charlotte N.C.  We have a short layover here, which we’ll probably miss because our first flight was a tad (45 minutes) late this morning.  Oh- I guess I should say where I’m going.  Kevin (boyfriend) and I are on our way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2010.  Seems a bit weird to say, but it has been fun telling people about all the beads I plan on getting.  My dad especially loved that ::sarcasm::.  Anyways, I am hoping we won’t miss our connection, but even if I make it the chances that my bag will follow are slim to none.  They had to check it because the overhead bins were full.  Looks like not allowing customers to check bags for free has caused some major efficiency issues, but hey I guess that’s what the airline industry is all about.  Regardless, after I was all packed up, I started to get excited.  I mean, I’m going to MARDI GRAS. THE REAL ONE.  I can’t wait to see all that glitter and get a mask and lots of beads and drink beer with the NOLA police.  Actually, I’ll stay away from them.  I hear they don’t let you out until Ash Wednesday, and I really need to get back to class after all of this.
I wasn’t really excited at first.  I was mostly nervous.

This is the first vacation for the boy and I that involves flying.  We’ve done the weekends down at the beach (I refuse to call it the shore.  The shore is merely a component of the beach, but that just explains everything you need to know about the people in this area). We’ve driven up to Ithaca, NY as part of a work trip for me.  But never flown together, which has just opened up a whole new slew of questions and comments and learning experiences.  For one, Kevin likes to sit far enough away from the gate agent so we can’t hear anything.  Maybe it’s just me, but I usually like hearing the little bitty updates that they give us, like “Oh your flight is cancelled”, or “We’re boarding- hurry your ass up”.   Another thing- his book bag is twelve times too small for his body.  Entertaining, but a tad odd.  He also likes to sit with the tray down, his iPod on the tray, and just stare into the abyss.  Oh, and he orders apple juice. I'm glad we are travelling together though, because when I look through InStyle Magazine we talk about which dresses look good, what jewelry I like and which stars are hot and which are not. I get to observe all of this because we’re conveniently located across the aisle from each other.  The girl sitting next to him really just had to have the window.  And she didn’t even believe my “oh this will just ruin our honeymoon” story (disclaimer: this is not our honeymoon).  ANYWAYS, even with all his little quirks, I must say it’s been fun so far.  We both wonder what it will be like on day 5.  I’d put money on us fighting by then, but so would he so it’s not really going to help either of us out.  Here’s to hoping we make our connection, our next seat is actually next to each other, I collect lots and lots of beads, and I successfully avoid the police, don’t get lost, and don’t hate the boy by the end of this whole vacation.  And here’s one more- I hope to the Mardi Gras Gods that I can fly back without a hangover, but it’s doubtful.

P.S. Girl next to me is shoeless, with her feet on the seat.  Brave girl right there.  If she had a foot odor issue, there is no doubt that the entire plane would smell it.


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