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>> 2.19.2010

Well, to say the least I survived Mardi Gras.  I have to admit- going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras should be on everyones bucket list.  You just HAVE to.  You won't see people like that anywhere else.   You also can't get Po-Boy's or Hand Grenades.

Rockin it at Mardi Gras

I made friends, lost identification, tried to run away, saw painted shirts (on women), saw men wearing thongs, got hit in the face with beads, and laid a blue monkey to rest in a Miller Lite box.

 Blue Monkey: RIP February 14, 2010

My new friends from Arkansa- Ellen and I even went to the bathroom together (which also happens to be where I lost my clutch)

But at the same time, it feels awesome to be back.  I found my identifcation, which allowed me to get on the plane (thank goodness) and come home to Philly.  I spent the entire time with boyfriend, and man o man did that create a learning experience for us.  One of the best parts of this relationship is that we are both constantly learning.  For one, apparently I can throw a mean punch.  And apparently Kevin likes Apple Juice on the plane (see previous blog post).  We also learned to hate the word "perfect", to swear to not be the couple saying "Valentines Day is dead to me" after dating for a while, and I learned how easily I convert fear into anger.

I used to be the little girl that loved fairy tales, and fairy tale endings.  Now, people are shocked that I might have once thought about what I want my wedding to be like.  So shocked, they think I'm lying.  I used to believe that endings in The Notebook could be real, and that someday I'd find something like that.  As I grew up a bit (mind you I'm only 21) I became more realistic.  I opted for comfort and safety, instead of excitement and passion.  Today, I have someone who fits all of those roles, but what I've grown away from I have to fight hard to find it.  I live in fear of my own passion.  I just wish I could rewind a little bit, move back through all of those crappy heartaches, and still believe in those fairytale endings.


Kevin Homer February 21, 2010 at 1:08 PM  

As you said, great learning experience for both of us. We definitely took a couple small negatives and turned them into some great positives in our relationship. And get over it... I like apple juice!

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